The Office of Materials and Research (OMR) conducts the required sampling, testing and inspections of all materials used in the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). OMRís sampling, testing and inspection process ensures that all materials produced for GDOTís use meet state induced standards and guidelines in quality and consistency.

The Pit and Quarry branch of the OMR supports this process by the supervision and inspection of fine and coarse aggregate (sand, gravel, stone, and so forth) and the distribution of all materials that are used in concrete development and utilization by the State of Georgia. Pit and Quarry also monitors the Quality Control Process of aggregate certification programs for the state, as well as provides technical support.

The Pit and Quarry Branch utilizes the Quality Products List (QPL) to perform the assessment of aggregate materials used by the State of Georgia. The Pit and Quarry QPL is an online or web-based assessment tool that allows a producer/vendor to register to become a qualified producer of aggregate material(s) for the GDOT. The Pit and Quarry QPL contains a list of roads, bridges and highway materials that meet the Association of American State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and GDOT specifications.

The Pit and Quarry QPL tool is also used to validate test samples of the producersí/vendorsí aggregate materials. In addition, the tool acts as an approval mechanism that authorizes a producer/vendor to supply aggregate materials to the GDOT.